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If there was a car designed for young people, it has to be the Mustang. Originally built for the Baby Boomers, this Ford car started, over time, to reflect strength and freshness, especially with its chrome body. In fact, the Director of Ford at that time, Lee Lacocca, wanted to focus on one single aspect of the Mustang in order to compete with other automakers. We will see the development of this American legend through its various generations.

Mustang I

Initially, this car was offered in three body types: Coupe, Cabriolet, and Fastback. In fact, in France, the Mustang was the car of the general public, everyone had a Mustang. Depending on the models, the V6 and V8 engines power could range from 101 hp to 210 hp.

As the time flies, the Mustang takes a more aggressive and sportier look. Until 1974, several nicknames were given to this sport vehicle, Shelby and GT 500 KR are two examples. Later, in 1966 to be specific, the rival of the Mustang made its entrance on the market: the Chevrolet Camaro. To address this competition, Ford expand its grille, giving the Mustang a fiercer frontal look. Moreover, Ford also introduced a more efficient and more powerful engine that can deliver up to 350 hp. This first generation of the Mustang became famous among the general public and on important races, including the Daytona and Europeans rally tracks.

Mustang II

Since 1978, the Mustang became the car we now know: affordable, popular, and American. Although, the second generation of the Mustang has a more European feel, besides being nearly a luxurious car. With the arrival of the Big-block engines, the Mustang officially became what it was then called, a Muscle-car. At the beginning of the second generation, it was not very powerful, but powerful enough for most drivers. Fortunately, Ford wanted to reinvigorate the vehicle and to boost its sales by changing the engine for a 5 L V8 engine of 302 ci. The Mustang also got bigger, more massive, hence the name "King Cobra."

Red Mustang Muscle Car and black King Cobra, European style 1978, beautiful in town and in the countryside.

Mustang III

During this generation, the engine of the vehicle went through no significant change. However, it must be stressed that this Mustang has been selected and used during the Indy 500. Besides, its gearbox has been redesigned, now focusing on reliability, rather than on power and performance. With its 5L H.O. engine, it now delivers up to 235 hp.

Mustang IV 1994-2004

The fourth generation has been marked by a significant increase in terms of performance, now reaching 390 hp, which consist of a considerable improvement compared to the previous generation.

Mustang V

From this moment, the Mustang has a more contemporary and sophisticated look. It had beautiful lines and an impressive front appearance. It engine developed 300 hp to 450 hp, depending on the model. It can reach up to 100 km/h in 5.1, with the manual transmission. The Mustang is designed in two well-known models: the Shelby and the Bullitt.

Mustang VI

The latest generation of the Mustang has an even more powerful engine. For its ecological model, the Ecoboost 4-cylinder engine can develop up to 310 hp. Its anti-pollutant properties are the reasons for such performance. On other models, it's another story: it went from 3.7 L V6 engine developing a 300 hp to a 5.0L V8 engine developing 435 hp coupled with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission (Coyote). Then, the whole body structure has been redesigned, giving it lines and a more defined and attractive shape. Various models of the Mustang are also exposed in films, including Steve McQueen, The Troops of St. Tropez, Goldfinger, etc. It's not over yet for the Mustang.

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