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Le système de climatisation de votre véhicule joue deux rôles très importants dans votre vie. Il refroidit l'habitacle comme on peut s'y attendre, mais il réduit également l'humidité à l'intérieur de votre véhicule. Ainsi, contrairement à ce que l'on pourrait croire, le système de climatisation n'ajoute pas de l'air froid, mais il retire plutôt l'air chaud de votre environnement.
The air conditioning system of your vehicle plays two very important roles in your life. It cools the cabin as you would expect, but it also reduces the humidity inside your vehicle. So, contrary to what one might think, the air conditioning system does not add cold air, but rather removes warm air from your environment.
When two substances with different temperatures are clashing, the substance with the highest heat is attracted by the coldest substance. Both substances become one because the temperature equilibrates. Hot air is attracted by cold air. The role of an air conditioning system is to remove heat from an enclosed space and transfer it to an environment that will absorb it. In this case, it will be the outside of your vehicle. Hot air holds moisture. Take the human body as an example. It produces perspiration in the presence of heat. When the weather is hot and the humidity is high, there will be a time when the warm, moist air will no longer be able to absorb the moisture (saturation phenomenon) so that perspiration will remain on the skin. When the ambient temperature is cooler and the humidity level is decreasing, the air is able to absorb the moisture on the surface of the skin so that the effects of perspiration. It is precisely these principles that are at the base of air conditioning. A liquid which reaches the boiling point and which passes into the gaseous state absorbs the heat without its temperature increasing. Conversely, when the gas condenses it releases heat without lowering the temperature of the liquid. In short, when a change of state is liquid to gaseous we are able to add heat to a substance without its temperature rises. Air-conditioning systems, regardless of their use, operate under pressure to transfer heat, because when one adds pressure to a substance it has the effect of changing the temperature of the gas and the boiling point of a liquid. Thus, when the cabin temperature is high have reduced the pressure in order to attract the heat that is inside. Once the refrigerant is outside the vehicle, the pressure is raised to raise the temperature to a higher level than the outside air so that the cooler air absorbs the heat.
Refrigerant is a chemical that circulates in any air conditioning system. It ensures the transfer of heat from the inside to the outside of your vehicle. This chemical easily attracts heat at low temperatures and quickly turns into gas. To summarize, let's say that it is transformed into either liquid or gas, depending on the path in the air conditioning system. Compared to the chemicals used in the past, the new type of refrigerant currently used has significantly less harmful properties at many levels. The most important is that it is nontoxic and therefore safe for the environment, unlike its predecessor, which was very dangerous for the ozone layer.
Low refrigerant charge indicates that the charge in your air conditioning system is reduced by some leakage. The most frequent consequences are the lack of efficiency of the system and / or the overuse of the compressor which is struggling to manage the internal pressure. A leak ensures that the risks of contamination, the refrigerant being exposed to the ambient air are very high. Although after a leakage the system will eventually empty, as long as it is still operating and exposure to outside air continues, harmful particles can contaminate and even cause damage inside the air conditioner.
The worst thing you can do is mix the types of refrigerants. The composition of these varies according to their use. Thus, they will have different boiling points which is only the beginning of the problems. The air conditioning system can not function properly under these conditions. If this is the case, a full purge of the system will be required and the addition of a new refrigerant will be essential.

Your vehicle's air conditioning system plays two very important roles, and we know it at Chartrand Ford in Laval.
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