Find out why with Chartrand Ford it's the right method, visit us at Chartrand Ford dealership in Laval

Are you looking for a good deal for the purchase of your next vehicle? Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer on the North Shore, has the solution for you. His legendary automotive experience, SUVs, trucks (like the Ford F150, for example) and vans, hybrids and electric vehicles as well as commercial trucks make this car dealer the number one when it comes to Ford vehicles on the North Shore of Montreal and beyond.

Thanks to its team of experts and seasoned salespeople, you'll be supported from the beginning, right up to the very end of your buying process. Don’t worry, we take care of everything from A to Z. For example, we will explain in detail how to operate the vehicle you have been dreaming of for so long, its features and options, engine performance, fuel consumption or the battery life in the case of electric vehicles, and the warranty. Obviously, we’ll also offer you a test drive, so you can familiarize yourself with the vehicle. With the help of our salespeople, Ford's configuration and pricing will be at the heart of our transactions. In other words, you will configure your vehicle with the options you are looking for, and we will explain each of the features of the Ford model and the discounts associated with it. Our tips will also be helpful in helping you make wise choices. As we are here to advise you, we will be able to answer all your questions and accompany you throughout the process.

If the Ford prices are the best in town, the opportunity is good to think about buying a new vehicle. In this early 2019, Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer on the North Shore of Montreal, in Laval, offers you incredible discounts on the purchase of your next Ford model. You'll benefit from enticing discounts while taking advantage of our unique consulting experience. All cards will be put on the table, so you can get the best on the market and get more for your money. How could you say no to that!

Moreover, thanks to the configuration of your vehicle, you will have exactly what you are looking for in terms of Ford vehicle and you will get the best prices on the purchase or rental of your vehicle. You will be explained the various options coveted as well as the guarantees of the vehicle. Speaking of these guarantees, Ford offers a very advantageous extended warranty program on all its vehicles. There is no doubt that we have thought of everything to ensure your peace of mind. That’s our way to retain our customers and to develop a bond of trust. Our customers greatly appreciate our way of doing things and we are delighted.

In addition, when we talk about bringing the Chartrand Ford experience to you, it extends well beyond the buying process. At Chartrand Ford, your Ford dealership in Laval and the North Shore, we have the right method from both a human and technical standpoint. We strive to live up to your expectations in the straightest possible way.

In addition to this buying experience, you will benefit from the expertise of a whole team of parts and service experts. We take care of you. During your regular maintenance visits, we will take the time to do the tour of your needs, to discuss the improvements to be made to your driving style, to explain your maintenance sheet as well as the repairs made. In addition, you will be told about all the warranties on new parts installed, genuine Ford or Motorcraft parts only. Ford and Motorcraft replacement parts are covered for a 24-month period or an unlimited distance. This coverage may be more extensive on other parts such as engines, transmissions, dampers, brackets and batteries and some others.

Our technical service experts are constantly improving the quality of our processes. They regularly receive advanced training to better meet the needs of tomorrow's vehicles. Ford Canada is also concerned about its products and is constantly looking to give its technical service experts all the necessary tools to get them to respond effectively to customer needs, with the highest standards available on the market. This means that our technicians are well trained and that you can trust them with your vehicle to make a rigorous, thorough inspection. The right method is the professionalism that turns to change and innovation, ensuring that the customer benefits from the best, most qualified and most dedicated resources. Moreover, everything is guaranteed!

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In short, at Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer on the North Shore, in Laval, you will enjoy a unique experience that will bring you to the conclusion that our team have real needs at heart. We are so convinced that we offer you the best at unbeatable prices because we’ve been in business for more than three decades now. Our recipe is simple: develop a relationship of trust that lasts and lasts with all our customers. Come visit us now and experience the full Chartrand Ford experience in Laval, your Ford car dealer on the North Shore. We have the right method for you!

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