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Ford has been reducing water consumption for a few years in the manufacturing process of its vehicles. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the use of any form of drinking water in the factory. This motivation to minimize water consumption is improving further in the coming years as Ford plans to cut even more the use of precious liquid in the manufacture of its vehicles. If everything works according to projections, by 2020 the amount of water used per vehicle will be reduced by 72% compared to the year 2000 data.

« Un grand nombre de nos usines sont situées dans des régions qui connaissent un stress hydrique. C'est pourquoi nous prenons à cour la consommation responsable de l'eau dans le cadre de nos activités, affirme Bruce Hettle, vice-président responsable de la fabrication mondiale et des relations avec la main-d'ouvre. Nous voulons assurer un approvisionnement stable en eau pour nos installations, tout en travaillant avec les communautés locales pour nous assurer que leurs besoins sont comblés. »

Watersense, an EPA partner, claims that only a tiny fraction of the world's water is only 1% consumable by humans. All the rest is salt water, fresh frozen water and tablecloths that would be very difficult to exploit. Thus, it is easy to understand the importance given by Ford to the conservation of our natural resources. From 2000 to 2015 37 billion liters of water were saved. It's the equivalent of 15,000 Olympic pools. As such, Ford has advanced its two-year goal. It's not nothing.

"We know that water is a vital resource, so we set a very ambitious target - 2020 - based on the success of our reduction efforts," said Andrew Hobbs, Director of the Quality Office of the United States. environment. "We are exploring innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint by starting with our goal of not using potable water in our production process. From there, we have a final goal of no water withdrawal in our processes. "

These goals have been achieved and even surpassed by the use of new and innovative technologies. Ford will continue to quantify water use with state-of-the-art tools. In return, this process will allow the builder to manage consumption on a regular basis in order to make the appropriate fixes.
Ford's strategy of streamlining water use extends to the planet. Its general principles are based on elements of the CEO Water Mandate, a private and public initiative launched by the Secretary-General of the United Nations in 2007 and adopted by Ford in 2014.

"Ford recognizes that access to safe drinking water is a fundamental human right," said Kim Pittel, Vice President, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering. "By setting a target of no water withdrawal in production processes and endorsing the CEO Water Mandate, Ford is publicly affirming this commitment. We not only want to reduce water consumption in our own facilities, but also share our water reduction practices with our suppliers, increasing the influence of our measures. "

Ford received the highest rating of "A" from the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), a global disclosure agency that deals with the environment and related activities related to water use. Ford has had the great honor of being the only North American company to earn this honor.
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