Discover how to optimize your fuel consumption with Chartrand Ford dealership in Laval


When you buy a vehicle, one of the first things you look at is its fuel consumption. Is it a fuel-efficient vehicle or is it more efficient than another option, both in the city and on the highways of Quebec, Canada and the United States? The answer to this question is important, because with the price of gasoline, consumers will highly consider their budget before buying a used or new vehicle.


But there’s more that must be kept in mind when deciding which vehicle to buy. Optimizing fuel consumption also depends on several other factors. Chartrand Ford, your Ford dealership in Laval, near the North Shore and Montreal, explains what you need to know to optimize your fuel consumption.


What affects Fuel Consumption?


First of all, your driving behaviour can affect the optimal performance of your vehicle. For example, heavy braking or acceleration, speeding, vehicle weight and excessive towing load, excess weight on short trips, weather conditions, etc., will all reduce maximum fuel economy performance.


To better understand this, let's look at the example of speeding. Let’s say you’re a thrill seeker and like going fast – the faster the speedometer goes up, the faster your fuel consumption drops. In addition, you may find yourself with a hefty speeding ticket with demerit points on your record.


In short, driving habits influence fuel consumption, but Ford Laval's mechanical service knows that the condition of your vehicle can also play a decisive role in the distance travelled per litre of fuel.


In this regard, it is highly recommended that you strictly follow your regular maintenance schedule, which allows you to quickly detect anomalies, and Ford experts are available to fix these problems. Factors that can affect negative fuel consumption performance include poor vehicle maintenance, dirty spark plugs, fuel injector problems, the type of oil used, misaligned wheels, under-inflated tires, etc.


These various factors can play an important role and have an impact on your vehicle's fuel consumption. Faced with this challenge, Chartrand Ford of Laval, near the North Shore and only a few minutes from Montreal, strongly suggests that you have your vehicle inspected on a regular basis.


You want to have a good fuel economy, visit your Chartrand Ford dealership to start here


Chartrand Ford Optimizes Your Fuel Consumption


Be aware that when your vehicle does not operate under the best conditions, it will not perform to its full potential on the road. When you visit your car dealership, don’t hesitate to ask them to check and maintain the fuel system. Thankfully, at Chartrand Ford in Laval, you don’t have to ask this question as it is already part of the dealership's multipoint maintenance service. The technical service experts ensure that the injectors deliver a carefully-calculated, appropriate amount of fuel. This will only improve your fuel consumption.


Basically, there are two main categories of factors that have a direct impact on your vehicle's fuel consumption. There is driving behaviour, which directly affects the performance of your vehicle and of course the condition of your vehicle. In the first case, you are in control of how your vehicle is driven. In the latter, Ford Laval’s mechanical service experts are there to help you. Working as a team can only contribute to improving fuel consumption performance.


Don’t wait any longer, come visit your Ford Laval dealership, Chartrand Ford, near the North Shore and just minutes from Montreal, to improve your vehicle's performance in both the city and the countryside.

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