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Shelby vs Mustang: A Tale of Performance


Despite the fact that most car manufacturers offer so-called “performance” cars, nowadays, only a few models truly have this characteristic in their DNA. “Shelby” and “Mustang” are part of the elite club of models whose names only are enough to make car lovers drool, but what do you really know about the meaning of these iconic words? After reading what follows, we encourage you to go try the combination of what we’re about to discuss at Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer of Laval, near Montreal.


The Shelby Cobra

The original Shelby Cobra was an Anglo-American sport car that was produced intermittently between these 2 countries for decades before 1961. During this period, cars like the Shelby Cobra were equipped with a 6-cylinder engine called the bristol straight 6, until the engineer Carol Shelby stepped in. The man developed a model capable of receiving an 8-cylinder engine. Shortly after, Carol Shelby tried to convince Chevrolet to enter into a partnership, but the management at the time declined.


The Ford Mustang

On the other hand, the Ford Mustang is and always has been a 100 % American project that was originally based on an old compact model, the Ford Falcon. The Ford Mustang is at its sixth generation and the brand new 2018 Ford Mustang will blow fans away with its 5-liter, 8-cylinder (available) engine that can produce up to 460 HP. What about Shelby, now? Ford was wise enough to accept Shelby’s proposal and to let the man fine tune its engines. In tribute to this exceptional engineer, the most impressive model offered by Ford carries his name – the Mustang Shelby – and is easily recognisable by the 2 white stripes along the length of the car. As an example, the 2018 Mustang Shelby, the GT350, comes equipped with a 5.2-liter, 8-cylinder engine that produces 526 HP!

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Now that you know the story behind the name Shelby and the mysterious white stripes present on certain Mustang, you know all you need to ask THE question at Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer of Laval, near Montreal

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