Modeling at Chartrand Ford is a process that allows you to reproduce actual size models of cars in the creation.

Creating Ford Products Through Modeling In short, modeling at Ford is a process that allows you to reproduce actual size models of cars or trucks using clay from computerized plans. . The software controls equipment that roughly cut the desired characteristics and later specialists fine-tune the models so that they display the exact details of a prototype. The great advantage of this method is that it allows Ford engineers to examine in every detail the products they develop in a frame of a ...


As you can see, we model, cut, sand and often go back to the drawing board. This method is much more economical than if one passed the creation of a real prototype.

Yet there is a problem!


This step, which is of great importance, not to say crucial in the development of new products, entails the use of considerable natural resources. Ford being a very environmentally conscious manufacturer and maximizing all of its processes had to find a solution. This is how the manufacturer began recycling clay. It was about thinking about it. At the same time we can reduce all the waste that this process created while ensuring the conceptualization of new vehicles in a much more favorable context. In addition, all savings made are for the benefit of the consumer. Last year, Ford staff recovered more than 2,267 kg of clay. Since this action plan began, we have recycled 9,000 kg.

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The recycling method is relatively simple but requires a very precise and unique machinery to Ford. The clay residue is shredded so that the air can be removed. The product is then inserted into a heated nozzle so that it can be given the consistency required for reuse.

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