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History of the Ford GT inspired by the Ford GT40 venez decouvrir l'histoire chez Chartrand Ford a Laval.


True car collectors know it very well, the history of a car brand is full of well-kept secrets! Certain inventions will often give birth to a series of other cars which will be inspired by the same model. Speaking of which, your Chartrand Ford dealership, located in Laval near Montreal, possesses a vast knowledge on Ford vehicles, notably the Ford GT which was inspired by the Ford GT40. Its name "GT" refers to sports racing (Grand Touring) and its number 40 specifies the height of its body in inches. Let us quickly go over the origins of this exceptional range of vehicles and let its history surprise you.

The Ford GT40, a Car Made for Champions

Built between 1964 and 1969, the Ford GT40 is a sports car specifically conceived for racing. This collectible is extremely rare! Only 126 of them have been built at the Slough factory in Great Britain. This famous car has left an indelible mark on history thanks to the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. It has won prizes on four successive occasions to be exact! It is thanks to Henry Ford II that this magnificent creation was born. Indeed, when Ford learns that Ferrari wants to find a buyer to acquire its company that is in financial hardship at the time, he decides to start making colossal investments to audit Ferrari and see whether he can take over. However, Ferrari withdraws from negotiations at the last minute, which will infuriate Henry Ford II, who will then do everything in his will to build the best possible car in order to refrain Ferrari from winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

From the Ford GT40 to the Ford GT

Often mistaken by analogy with the Ford GT40, the Ford GT was built on a larger scale from 2004-2006 with a total of 4038 copies of this model. Moreover, the maker of this beauty recently decided to build a few more to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Ford GT40. This sporty collection vehicle has known great success despite its rather expensive price that can easily reach more than $140,000. However, without diving into this range of high numbers, rest assured that your Chartrand Ford dealerhsip, located in Laval near Montreal, knows precisely all particularities of its Ford models. Its team of experts will know how to guide you and give you professional advice so you feel safer and more knowledgeable when the time comes to buy your Ford car. 

Needless to say, the Ford GT has inspired many other models from this brand.

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