Everything The Sync 3 Technology Can Do For You, see you at Chartrand ford in Laval.


There was a time when mechanical specifications and the looks of a vehicle were the only things that clients were interested in. Things have greatly changed since, as you certainly know. Nowadays, consumers want their money's worth and want to get as much as they can, and have also started comparing technological specifications of the cars that interest them. Ford has understood this many years ago and, as a result, has recently introduced the successor of its SYNC system, SYNC 3.The majority of their brand-new models, that you can come admire at Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealership in Laval, located near Montreal, are equipped with this newadvanced technology that we are going to demystify together.

What Is The Sync 3 Technology?

SYNC 3 is a set of built-in technologies where the goal is to considerably reduce your distractionlevel and your hand movements. Thanks to the buttons on the wheel, to an intelligently locatedand programmed infotainment screen and to a voice command system, the SYNC 3 technology allows you to stay completely connected (and well entertained) while keeping your eyes on the road and avoiding needless and potentially hazardous movements.

Advantages of SYNC 3 Technology

In a more concrete way, SYNC 3 gives you the possibility of making hands-free calls using the speakers of your Ford vehicle. All you have to do is connect your phone to your car's interface system via Bluetooth, then synchronize your list of contacts, and simply press a button (or use the voice command option) to make a call. Connecting your phone this way also enables you to dial 911 in case of emergency thanks to SYNC 3. Moreover, the functionalities of this advanced technology don't stop there! Thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications, you can now push your synchronization even further by alternating between your own personal playlist and the radio, selecting any desired music by saying its name out loud using voice command, etc. In addition, tech lovers who will pick a car equipped with the new SYNC Connect system will even be able to check their fuel level, to remotely start their car, lock/unlock the doors, using the application FordPass on their smartphone.
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No need to be an infotainment system expert to understand this: SYNC 3 is the best way Ford has found to safely keep you connected and entertained on the road.
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