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History of the Ford GT Inspired by the Ford GT40 17/11/2017 12:00:00 AM

True car collectors know it very well, the history of a car brand is full of well-kept secrets! Certain inventions will often give birth to a series of other cars which will be inspired by the same model. Speaking of which, your Chartrand Ford dealership, located in Laval near Montreal, possesses a vast knowledge on Ford vehicles, notably the Ford GT which was inspired by the Ford GT40. Its name "GT" refers to sports racing (Grand Touring) and its number 40 specifies the height of its body in inches. Let us quickly go over the origins of this exceptional range of vehicles and let its history surprise you.

The 2018 Ford Edge: your mechanical companion for the winter 17/11/2017 12:00:00 AM

Winter is coming fast and if you spend a lot of time on the road, you're fully aware of the fact that you need a vehicle fitting of our harsh climate. The 2018 Ford Edge is exactly what you need and a quick visit at Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer of Laval, near Montreal, will convince you of that. Skeptical? Keep reading!

The Ford Ranger Raptor: Toughness and Intelligence 06/11/2017 12:00:00 AM

The Chartrand Ford dealership in Laval is proud to share great news that will certainly please its fans: the Raptor version of the Ford Ranger is officially set to come out in 2018, first on the Asian-Pacific markets, as Australia Ford has confirmed it. As for the North-American market, it will have to wait until the following year, in 2019, when the Ranger Raptor will join the ranks of high-performance vehicles, which already includes the famous F-150 which has proven to be a commercial success. There is absolutely no doubt that the Ford Ranger Raptor will offer its Ranger fans a unique opportunity to own an authentic off-road version of their favorite truck. A vehicle that will make heads turn!

The 2018 Ford Ecosport: the compact SUV you've been waiting for 22/10/2017 12:00:00 AM

Compact or urban SUVs are gaining in popularity for a very simple reason: they represent the perfect compromise between available room and exterior dimensions for drivers that have to regularly navigate an urban or crowded environment. Ford took note of this need and built the 2018 Ecosport specifically to address it. This vehicle will be available within a few weeks at Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer from Laval, near Montreal.

The 2017 Ford Super Duty: The Best Choice for Heavy Lifters 27/09/2017 12:00:00 AM

Trucks are essentially made for two types of people: the individual who likes the practical aspect of rear drums and who occasionally takes advantage of the additional towing capacity of this type of vehicle; and the "real" heavy lifters who need an everyday mechanical companion. The Ford Super Duty range has been conceived for the members of the second group. Chartrand Ford, your Ford dealership in Laval and located near Montreal, is proud to present its all-new F-Series Super Duty truck.

Everything The SYNC 3 Technology Can Do for You 13/09/2017 16:00:00 PM

There was a time when mechanical specifications and the looks of a vehicle were the only things that clients were interested in. Things have greatly changed since, as you certainly know. Nowadays, consumers want their money's worth and want to get as much as they can, and have also started comparing technological specifications of the cars that interest them. Ford has understood this many years ago and, as a result, has recently introduced the successor of its SYNC system, SYNC 3.The majority of their brand-new models, that you can come admire at Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealership in Laval, located near Montreal, are equipped with this new advanced technology that we are going to demystify together.

The 2017 Ford Edge: the newest addition to a winning legacy 8/22/2017 12:00:00 AM

Ford's Edge is one of the most popular and recognizable vehicle of this manufacturer. Presented as an intermediate crossover SUV, the Edge is built to meet the needs of a variety of users, mission that it fulfills very well. These are a few elements worth mentioning on this vehicle that you'll find at Blainville Ford.

The enterprise's service suite it offers is known as the Business Class network available at Chartrand Ford Laval
Drive in Business Class with Chartrand Ford! 8/8/2017 12:00:00 AM

If you lead a business - no matter its size - that requires the use of a car fleet, you should work with a car dealer that knows entrepreneurs' reality and that understands the issues you have to deal with. Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer of Laval, near Montreal, is the establishment you should go to for your small and bigger car-related business needs. The enterprise's service suite it offers is known as the Business Class network and you'll understand why in a second.

The 2017 Ford F-150 available at Chartrand Ford in Laval
The 2017 Ford F-150: well-known for a reason 7/15/2017 12:00:00 AM

We all have at least one friend who doesn't know much - or anything - about cars. However, if you were to ask this friend of yours to give you the name of the first truck that pops in his mind, he would probably answer "Ford F-150". Named best full-size truck of the year by several specialized magazines and websites, the Ford-150 keeps dominating its sector and attracting the attention of the public in general. You'll find the best items of this specimen at Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer at Laval near Montreal.

Ford's employee pricing: you'll be crazy not to buy now!
Ford's employee pricing: you'll be crazy not to buy now! 7/15/2017 12:00:00 AM

Would you like to be charged the same price than the employees of a company you don't even work for? Of course you would, who would say no to a small discount? Nobody, and the same goes for big discounts like those that you'll find at Chartrand Ford, your Ford's car dealer from Laval, near Montreal. Brace yourself: Ford's employee pricing is back!

THE 2017 FORD F-150 RAPTOR available at Chartrand Ford Laval
THE 2017 FORD F-150 RAPTOR 14/06/2017 12:00:00 PM

The Raptor family is well named: this American 4 x 4 is not an antique, and it is agile on and off the road. Bring it with you to the Sahara Desert, and it will move as smoothly as you are riding a wild dinosaur. Neither mountain roads nor rocky paths can stop the Raptor. As for the many potholes on Quebec's roads, the driving is so smooth that you might have thought that the Raptor stepped over them with delicacy. Your dealer Chartrand Ford Laval near Montreal tested it for you!

History of the ford Mustang by Chartrand Ford in Laval
History of the ford Mustang 14/06/2017 11:00:00 AM

If there was a car designed for young people, it has to be the Mustang. Originally built for the Baby Boomers, this Ford car started, over time, to reflect strength and freshness, especially with its chrome body. In fact, the Director of Ford at that time, Lee Lacocca, wanted to focus on one single aspect of the Mustang in order to compete with other automakers. We will see the development of this American legend through its various generations.

Réduction de la consommation d'eau 10/27/2016

Ford réduit la consommation d'eau depuis quelques années dans le processus de  fabrication de ses véhicules.  Le but ultime est d'éliminer l'utilisation de toute forme d'eau potable en usine      Cette motivation de minimiser la consommation de l'eau s'accélérera davantage dans les années à venir car Ford prévoit couper encore plus l'utilisation du précieux liquide dans la fabrication de ses véhicules. Si tout fonctionne selon les projections, d'ici 2020 la quantité d'eau utilisée par véhicule sera réduite  de 72 % comparativement aux données  de l'an 2000. Le vrai défi se situera à la prochaine étape.  Ford tentera par tous les ...

La modélisation - Une étape de création des produits Ford 10/26/2016

La création de tous les produits Ford passe par la modélisation En bref, la modélisation chez Ford est un processus qui permet de reproduire des modèles de tailles  réelles de voitures ou de camions à l'aide de l'argile et ce à partir de plans informatisés.  Les logiciels contrôlent des équipements qui coupent grossièrement les caractéristiques voulues et par la suite des spécialistes affinent les maquettes pour qu'elles affichent les détails exacts d'un prototype.  Le très grand avantage de cette méthode est qu'elle permet aux ingénieurs de Ford d'examiner sous toutes leurs coutures les produits qu'ils développent  dans un cadre d'un ...


COMMENT FAIRE DISPARAITRE UNE ÉGRATIGNURE PEU PROFONDE DE LA PEINTURE ? Si vous considérez que vous êtes d'attaque pour vous lancer dans cette aventure, cette vidéo vous fera découvrir les différentesétapes  pour effectuer ce travail.  Malheureusement nous n'avons que la trame sonore anglaise à vous présenter sauf que vous devriez quand même bien saisir l'essence des explications du narrateur.  Il n'est pas essentiel de réparer une égratignure si elle n'est pas plus profonde que la couche lustrée de votre véhicule sauf que pour des raisons esthétiques et le maintien de la valeur de votre véhicule il se peut que ...

Les modes de conduite du Ford F-150 Raptor 2017 14/09/2016

 C'est fou la vitesse à laquelle se succèdent les avancées technologiques.  Toutefois, il y a peu de temps qui aurait pu prétendre que l'informatique prendrait autant d'importance dans l'industrie automobile ?   L'avènement massif de l'informatique fait en sorte qu'il est maintenant possible de gérer plusieurs aspects de nos véhicules.  Citons en exemple les commandes qui règlent la fermeté de la suspension, le niveau d'agilité de la direction, le temps de réponse de l'accélération, les changements de vitesse et on en passe.  La disponibilité de ces aspects dépend des décisions des manufacturiers et ne se retrouvent pas nécessairement sur tous les véhicules. ...

Le démarrage en pente vous stresse? 26/07/2016

Si le démarrage en pente vous stresse, Ford à trouvé la solution idéale. Chartrand Ford - Laval

Comment utiliser votre colonne de direction réglable. 06/30/2016

Chartrand Ford - Laval

Comment faire fonctionner vos rétroviseurs chauffants 06/30/2016

Chartrand Ford - Laval

Comment fonctionne un détecteur de pluie 06/29/2016

  Chartrand Ford - Laval

Comment utiliser votre démarreur à distance Ford 06/29/2016

  Chartrand Ford - Laval

Comment survolter la batterie de votre Ford 06/29/2016

 Chartrand Ford - Laval

How to chage a tire 06/28/2016

Chartrand Ford - Laval

Comment utiliser les glaces électriques avec commande à impulsion 06/22/2016

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Comment utiliser le signal de changement de voie intelligent 06/22/2016

Chartrand Ford à Laval  

Dictionnaire de termes mécaniques 06/17/2016

À maintes occasions on entend des termes reliés aux automobiles ou camions et bien que les termes sont familiers il arrive souvent que l'on a aucune idée de la signification des termes en question. Ford a iontégré à son site web un impressionnant Glossaire ou si vous préférez un dictionaire de termes mécaniques.  On retrouve les mots en français et en anglais sauf que les explications sont en français. Amusez-vous. GLOSSAIRE DES TERMES DE MÉCANIQUE  

Comment utiliser votre système de démarrage à bouton-pressoir. 06/17/2016

Ce petit guide de Ford vous expliquera l'Accèes intelligent avec démarrage à bouton-pressoir.  Vous trouverez les informations pour vous expliquer comment démarrer votre véhicule si la télécommande ne fonctionne plus.  À écouter absolument.  

Comment utiliser une banquette divisée 60/40 06/16/2016

Chartrand Ford - Laval

Coment utiliser les banquettes repliables arrière 06/16/2016

Chartrand Ford - Laval

Comment utiliser les feux de route automatiques 06/16/2016

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Comment effectuer le remorquage de votre Ford Fusion 06/16/2016

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Comment comprendre le système d'angles morts 06/16/2016

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