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chartrand ford f 150 occasion en
  We always imagine that what car dealerships do is to throw some shade in our eyes and that we should take a step back to have a better portrait of the desired vehicle.   However, there is some data that doesn’t lie, especially when it comes from reliable sources about the Ford’s F series and more particularly the F-150. In 2018 alone, just shy of 150,000 units of the F...

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chartrand ford transit 2020 en
  Ford’s all-new 2020 van model meets your company's evolving needs. In terms of versatility, it offers new options and technological driving assistance features, increased loading capacity and a significantly improved powertrain. Chartrand Ford, your commercial vehicle dealer in Laval near the North Shore and just a few minutes from Montreal, will show you the versatility of the...

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chartrand ford superduty 2020 en
The 2020 Super Duty: A Dream Truck Ford's Super Duty will get a makeover in 2020. This Ford F-Series truck excels with its dynamism, power and performance. If the Ford F-150 is remarkably robust and reliable and the best-selling on the market, the F-250s, F-350s, F-450s and F-600s are – in their own right - high-profile in the construction industry and other heavy-duty type of work. At...

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chartrand ford f 150 electric en
Since the end of the 20th century, the increase in the price of crude oil and environmental issues have pushed the automotive industry to develop new, more fuel-efficient technologies in order to generate less greenhouse gas emissions. In Canada, the transportation industry is responsible for almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. This worrying environmental context is pushing car manufacturers...

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blainville ford landing classe affaire en 1

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chartrand ford blogue power stroke en 1
      The Ford F-150 Power Stroke Diesel 2018: A Great Addition to the Lineup       The one thing that car manufacturers who produce full-size trucks must hate is surely the arrival of a new Ford F-150 on the market. Even if you shouldn’t sell the bear's skin before you kill it, it's safe to assume that the 2018 Ford F-150 gives a few white hairs...

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chartrand ford blogue ranger 2019 en
      The 2019 Ford Ranger: Ready for a Long Awaited Return?   Quebec is famous for its countryside, among other things, and our most beautiful landscapes being in remote – sometimes savage – areas, travelers need a sturdy truck that allows for such expeditions. The 2019 Ford Ranger is definitely the vehicle you’re looking for and Chartrand Ford, your Ford...

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chartrand blogue bronco 2020 en
The 2020 Ford Bronco: The Legend is back!   All car manufacturers dream to have a loyal and enthusiastic fan base, and Ford is certainly lucky to be able to count on that. Indeed, the American manufacturer decided to bring back a highly popular model, the Ford Bronco. This vehicle, that draws attention for all the good reasons, should be available in 2020, but nothing is keeping you from going...

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chartrand blogue ford expedition 2018 jaller dehors en
    The 2018 Ford Expedition: the SUV that will make you want to go off road   SUVs are trendy, these days, and many are those that buy one without having the intention to ever use it to its full potential, which is their right. However, if you’re a person that loves being outdoors looking for the next adventure, someone who needs a vehicle capable of crossing the country...

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chartrand blogue ford classe affaire en 1  1  1
                                   DRIVE IN BUSINESS CLASS WITH CHARTRAND FORD! If you lead a business - no matter its size - that requires the use of a car fleet, you should work with a car dealer that knows entrepreneurs' reality and that understands the issues you have to deal with. Chartrand...

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chartrand blogue ford nouveaute modification commercial en 1
  2017 NEWS - BUSINESS MODIFICATIONS - COMPARATIVE TESTS   Here are some new features at Ford for 2017 as well as those of our commercial vehicle modifiers. The star of the slide show is undoubtedly the Super Duty 2017. We can not comment at the moment but the print media will be able to offer you its comments very soon.    

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chartrand blogue ford f150 raptor 2017 mode conduite en 1
2017 FORD F-150 RAPTOR DRIVING MODES   It's crazy the speed with which technological advances follow one another. However, there is little time that could have claimed that computing would become so important in the automotive industry? The advent of massive computing has made it possible to manage many aspects of our vehicles. Examples include the controls that regulate the firmness of...

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chartrand blogue ford f150 raptor 2017 nouveau en 1
THE NEW FORD F-150 RAPTOR 2017   The F-150 is an unusual versatility. It adapts to both extreme conditions and highways. It has style and a mouth to spare besides its performance will cut breath to adpetes thrills. The Raptor is powered by a second generation 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine. In addition, it has a 10-speed automatic transmission. The suspension is very different from that found in...

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chartrand blogue ford climatisation en 1
THE AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM OF YOUR FORD. SOME BASIC PRINCIPLES   OF INTEREST TO KNOW.     Le système de climatisation de votre véhicule joue deux rôles très importants dans votre vie. Il refroidit l'habitacle comme on peut s'y attendre, mais il réduit également l'humidité à l'intérieur de votre véhicule....

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chartrand blogue ford superduty 2017 en 1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1
      THE 2017 FORD SUPER DUTY: THE BEST CHOICE FOR HEAVY LIFTERS   Trucks are essentially made for two types of people: the individual who likes the practical aspect of rear drums and who occasionally takes advantage of the additional towing capacity of this type and the "real" heavy lifters who need an everyday mechanical companion. The Ford Super Duty range has...

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chartrand blogue ford ranger raptor 2018 en
      The Ford Ranger Raptor: toughness and intelligence     The Chartrand Ford dealership in Laval is proud to share great news that will certainly please its fans: the Raptor version of the Ford Ranger is officially set to come out in 2018, first on the Asian-Pacific markets, as Australia Ford has confirmed it. As for the North-American market, it will have to wait...

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chartrand blogue f150 levre 2018 conditions en
      THE 2017 FORD F-150: WELL-KNOWN FOR A REASON     We all have at least one friend who doesn't know much - or anything - about cars. However, if you were to ask this friend of yours to give you the name of the first truck that pops in his mind, he would probably answer " Ford F-150". Named best full-size truck of the year by several specialized magazines...

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chartrand blogue f150 raptor 2017 conditions en
      THE 2017 FORD F-150 RAPTOR HAS THE ABILITY TO TACKLE ALL KINDS OF ROAD CONDITIONS   The Raptor family is well named: this American 4 x 4 is not an antique, and it is agile on and off the road. Bring it with you to the Sahara Desert, and it will move as smoothly as you are riding a wild dinosaur. Neither mountain roads nor rocky paths can stop the Raptor. As for the...

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chartrand blogue ford classe affaire en 2
FORD BUSINESS PREFERRED NETWORK     Chartrand Ford is proud to be a member of Ford Canada's Business Preferred Network, designed to provide discounts, privileges and personalized services to our commercial customers.   Whether you need one truck or cargo van or a fleet of vehicles, we can satisfy your needs at the most competitive prices in the Laval and...

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