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  BASIC BATTERY INFORMATION FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND   A battery in good shape is essential for the proper functioning of your car or truck. It brings the necessary electricity to the starter as well as to the ignition system so that the engine can start. Then, the battery provides power when the load requirements exceed the capacity of the charging circuit and finally it serves to stabilize...

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chartrand ford explorer 2020 en
  It’s undeniable that the 2020 Ford Explorer has been completely redesigned for you. If small modifications were made in 2015, the 2020 redesign is a lot more comprehensive. At Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer on the North Shore, near the Greater Montreal Area, we are proud to present you the new version of this high-performance and elegant SUV. Performance, because Ford has...

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chartrand ford blogue explorer 2019 en 1  1  1  1
The 2019 Ford Explorer: Still the Best   A SUV is more than simply a bigger car, it’s a vehicle that gives you more. More power, more cargo space, more comfort. Add to that “more mileage with each tank” and you’ll get a short but accurate description of the 2019 Ford Explorer. You’ll find this SUV worthy of its name at Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer of Laval,...

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chartrand ford blogue edge 2019 fute en 1  1  1  1
    The 2019 Ford Edge: A Smart SUV for Connoisseurs   SUV attract a growing number or consumers, and it’s not a surprise: these exceptional vehicles go everywhere with us during our short and long trips, and no matter if we’re alone, with a couple of friends or with the whole family. Obviously, each manufacturer claims to have the best-equipped SUV or to offer the...

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chartrand blogue bronco 2020 en
The 2020 Ford Bronco: The Legend is back!   All car manufacturers dream to have a loyal and enthusiastic fan base, and Ford is certainly lucky to be able to count on that. Indeed, the American manufacturer decided to bring back a highly popular model, the Ford Bronco. This vehicle, that draws attention for all the good reasons, should be available in 2020, but nothing is keeping you from going...

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chartrand blogue ford expedition 2018 jaller dehors en
    The 2018 Ford Expedition: the SUV that will make you want to go off road   SUVs are trendy, these days, and many are those that buy one without having the intention to ever use it to its full potential, which is their right. However, if you’re a person that loves being outdoors looking for the next adventure, someone who needs a vehicle capable of crossing the country...

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chartrand explorer 2018 ford en 1
The 2018 Ford Explorer: everything you need in one vehicle These days, the expression “Sport Utility Vehicle” is loosely used, to say the least, despite the fact that its true meaning should revolve around “more power, more cargo space”. Add to that “more mileage with each tank” and you’ll get a short but accurate description of the 2018 Ford Explorer. You’ll...

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chartrand blogue ford climatisation en 1
THE AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM OF YOUR FORD. SOME BASIC PRINCIPLES   OF INTEREST TO KNOW.     Le système de climatisation de votre véhicule joue deux rôles très importants dans votre vie. Il refroidit l'habitacle comme on peut s'y attendre, mais il réduit également l'humidité à l'intérieur de votre véhicule....

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chartrand blogue ford escape 2017 gagnant en
    FORD ESCAPE 2017: BECAUSE ITS A WINNER AT EVERYTHING You probably know the phrase "what is important is to participate"? This is certainly what SUV manufacturers are seeing at the sight of the 2017 Ford Escape. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the manufacturers of an excellent product not resting on their laurels. By taking a look at this beautiful SUV at Chartrand...

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chartrand blogue ford edge 2018 hiver en 1
THE 2018 FORD EDGE: YOUR MECHANICAL COMPANION FOR THE WINTER       Winter is coming fast and if you spend a lot of time on the road, you're fully aware of the fact that you need a vehicle fitting of our harsh climate. The 2018 Ford Edge is exactly what you need and a quick visit at Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer of Laval, near Montreal, will convince you of that. Skeptical?...

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chartrand blogue ford ecosport compact en
THE 2018 FORD ECOSPORT: THE COMPACT SUV YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR Compact or urban SUVs are gaining in popularity for a very simple reason: they represent the perfect compromise between available room and exterior dimensions for drivers that have to regularly navigate an urban or crowded environment. Ford took note of this need and built the 2018 Ecosport specifically to address it. This vehicle...

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