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The Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid: An SUV That Goes the Distance!
cf escape hybride 2021 b 2 en

On-road performance and a spacious, comfortable interior are two of the elements that make the Ford Escape one of the most popular models from the manufacturer. This year, Ford is taking you one step further by adding a Plug-In Hybrid that makes no concessions. Combining a good dose of power and a range like few others, the Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid is perfect for any trip! Chartrand Ford...

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FordPass Technology: How Does It Work?
chartrand ford b fordpass an

Ingenuity rhymes perfectly with innovation, especially in the world of the automotive industry where everything is constantly moving. Nothing is static and we must continually tune in to the technology that drives us forward. The blue oval manufacturer not only relies on the reliability and durability of its vehicles to please customers, but also on the cutting-edge features and functionalities...

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New at Ford in 2020
chartrand ford blogue mach e en

In recent years, there has been a major trend in the automotive industry: cars are disappearing from the landscape to make way for other types of vehicles, including SUVs and electric vehicles, bringing new vehicle sizes to the market. Faced with such changes, the automotive industry is positioning itself accordingly. Ford, a leader in North America and around the world, surprises with a...

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Ford's employee pricing: you'll be crazy not to buy now!
chartrand blogue prix employe en 1

FORD'S EMPLOYEE PRICING: YOU'LL BE CRAZY NOT TO BUY NOW!   Would you like to be charged the same price than the employees of a company you don't even work for? Of course you would, who would say no to a small discount? Nobody, and the same goes for big discounts like those that you'll find at  Chartrand Ford, your Ford's car dealer from Laval, near Montreal....

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A slope start stresses you?
chartrand blogue demarrage en 1  1  1

STARTING ON A SLOPE ON THE FIRST STRIKE   If the sloping start stresses you, Ford has found the ideal solution.    

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Basic battery information for your peace of mind
chartrand blogue ford batterie en

  BASIC BATTERY INFORMATION FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND   A battery in good shape is essential for the proper functioning of your car or truck. It brings the necessary electricity to the starter as well as to the ignition system so that the engine can start. Then, the battery provides power when the load requirements exceed the capacity of the charging circuit and finally it serves to stabilize...

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How to use an electric vista panoramic roof
chartrand blogue ford toit panoramique vista en

HOW TO USE A VISTA PANORAMIC ROOF WITH ELECTRICAL CONTROL A panoramic roof is the most beautiful feature that can be offered on a vehicle when this option is available. It is always good to discover all the possibilities that this characteristic can offer you. A few moments of your time will suffice to understand everything.  

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Everything the sync 3 technology can do for you
chartrand blogue ford sync 3 en

EVERYTHING THE SYNC 3 TECHNOLOGY CAN DO FOR YOU There was a time when mechanical specifications and the looks of a vehicle were the only things that clients were interested in. Things have greatly changed since, as you certainly know. Nowadays, consumers want their money's worth and want to get as much as they can, and have also started comparing technological specifications of the cars that...

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