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Special Presentation of Ford v Ferrari
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The title of this article may remind you of a duel between two major car racing manufacturers. Well yes, because last August, the American sports action drama film starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale depicted a story in which a team of engineers and designers led by visionary and driver Caroll Shelby whose talents are now undeniable especially since his involvement with the legendary Mustang...

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The right method is Chartrand Ford's!
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Are you looking for a good deal for the purchase of your next vehicle? Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer on the North Shore, has the solution for you. His legendary automotive experience, SUVs, trucks (like the Ford F150, for example) and vans, hybrids and electric vehicles as well as commercial trucks make this car dealer the number one when it comes to Ford vehicles on the North Shore of Montreal...

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Reduction of water consumption
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                                       REDUCING WATER CONSUMPTION   Ford has been reducing water consumption for a few years in the manufacturing process of its vehicles. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the use of any form of drinking water in the factory. This motivation to minimize water...

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Modeling - a step in creating Ford products
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MODELING - A STAGE FOR CREATING FORD PRODUCTS   Creating Ford Products Through Modeling In short, modeling at Ford is a process that allows you to reproduce actual size models of cars or trucks using clay from computerized plans. . The software controls equipment that roughly cut the desired characteristics and later specialists fine-tune the models so that they display the exact details of...

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The American legend through its various generations
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SEE THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS AMERICAN LEGEND THROUGH ITS VARIOUS GENERATIONS. If there was a car designed for young people, it has to be the Mustang. Originally built for the Baby Boomers, this Ford car started, over time, to reflect strength and freshness, especially with its chrome body. In fact, the Director of Ford at that time, Lee Lacocca, wanted to focus on one single aspect of the Mustang...

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The Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 and GT 350R
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THE FORD MUSTANG SHELBY GT 350 AND THE GT 350R     Both editions share:   A powerful 32-valve SOHC 5.2L V8 engine that produces a staggering 526 hp. at 7,500 tr. min. at a torque of 429 lb at 4,700 tr. min.   A 6-speed manual transmission Recaro sport bucket seats in the front Selectable driving modes   WHAT DIFFERS   The GT350R is equipped with black carbon...

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History of the Ford GT inspired by the Ford GT40
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HISTORY OF THE FORD GT INSPIRED BY THE FORD GT40   True car collectors know it very well, the history of a car brand is full of well-kept secrets! Certain inventions will often give birth to a series of other cars which will be inspired by the same model. Speaking of which, your Chartrand Ford dealership, located in Laval near Montreal, possesses a vast knowledge on Ford vehicles, notably...

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