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The 2020 Ford Bronco: The Legend is back!


All car manufacturers dream to have a loyal and enthusiastic fan base, and Ford is certainly lucky to be able to count on that. Indeed, the American manufacturer decided to bring back a highly popular model, the Ford Bronco. This vehicle, that draws attention for all the good reasons, should be available in 2020, but nothing is keeping you from going right now to Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer on the North Shore, to discover the best this brand has to offer.


Due to Popular Demand

The original Ford Bronco was a SUV produced by the manufacturer between 1966 and 1996. It was Ford’s response to off-road vehicles like the Jeep and it distinguished itself by a massive cabin, large wheels, and an impressive cargo space. Despite the fact that the production of this model ceased more than 20 years ago, Ford recently announced at the Detroit Auto Show its intent to restart the construction of this iconic model at its original manufacturing plant in Michigan. Why the sudden change of mind? It’s very simple: some members of Bronco6G, a website where lovers of this specific model meet and exchange, have produced a design so impressive that Ford decided to not ignore any longer the popular demand for the Bronco. This model will be back officially in 2020!


Promising Images

There is little to no informations regarding the 2020 Ford Bronco at this point, but it’s pretty sure it will keep off-road shape and specifications. Plus, it will probably be manufactured on a platform very close to the Ford Ranger’s, unlike what many thought initially (a lot of people were sure that the 2020 Bronco would be more inspired by the F-150). For now, we can only hope that the final product will stay close to the design proposed by the fans at Bronco6G and feature a 4-door version of this legendary model! Beautiful front grille, good height, wide wheelbase, massive cabin and bed… Here are couple of recent announcements: a reliable source has declared that the 2020 Bronco would be between the original model and the 1980’s in terms of size, and that a hybrid version should be available. Now that’s a nice way to combine nostalgia and modern engineering.


Configure your Ford at Chartrand Ford in Laval near Terrebonne and Montreal.

A company that listens to its customers is on the path to success, and it’s certainly what Ford is doing. 2020 is not that far, but if you need a reliable and solid car today, go to Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer on the North Shore.

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