Discover the new design of the Ford Focus 2019 with Chartrand Ford in Laval, near Montreal

The 2019 Ford Focus: A Well-Thought Redesign


The relatively recent interest for bigger vehicles like SUV and trucks puts some car segments in a difficult position and forces manufacturers to demonstrate creativity in order to thrive and to remain diversified in an increasingly competitive market. That’s what happened to Ford and its well-known Focus, which is having a hard time getting some attention from customers despite its assets. The American manufacturer got an idea: radically redesign this line to rekindle the flame with customers and to save money by reducing its production costs. The 2019 Ford Focus is not available in North America yet, but you can already go to Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer on the North Shore, to see and try a model that will help you wait until then.


A Technique That Works

The way that Ford intends to go about this is fairly simple: reducing its costs and increasing its gross margin by producing as much vehicles as possible on the same platform. Since the “traditional” Focus is a subcompact, it means bringing it up to more conventional dimensions, namely making it a sedan (but there are more options on the table). Skeptics shouldn’t worry: this technique has been successfully implemented by Volkswagen (that produces more than 20 cars on the same platform!), and there is no reason to believe that Ford won’t be able to do as least as well as the German manufacturer. And for those of you that love the subcompact format and think they’ll never get used to a sedan… don’t knock it until you tried it.


More Beautiful Than Ever

Online pictures are pretty clear: the 2019 Ford Focus will undeniably be the most beautiful Focus produced to this day. Instead of saving at the expense of its customers without giving them back some additional value, the American manufacturer decided to take full advantage of these changes: if the 2019 Focus is noticeably bigger and roomier, it keeps relatively modest dimensions compared to “real” sedans and still features its signature appearance that can only be described by the word “cute”. Plus, building the 2019 Ford Focus on a shared platform will allow the manufacturer to bring new features already present on other models to the Focus.


Set up your new Ford Focus with the Chartrand Ford team in Laval, near Montreal and Saint-Jerome.

When financial interests merge with consumers’ desires, exciting innovations ensue, and that’s exactly what’s happening to Ford. Go at once to Chartrand Ford, your Ford car dealer on the North Shore, to learn more about what the American manufacturer has in stock for you.

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